Vienna- Prague Heritage Trails, Central Europe

Authentic cycling, hiking, car or minibus, horse-back riding holidays for individuals and small groups in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries - Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland (Central Europe). Carefully designed for you, imaginative and responsible travellers.

Vienna - Prague Heritage Trails beckons you to historical cities like Cesky Krumlov, Telc, Kutna Hora and other treasured UNESCO World Heritage Sites, folk villages with their white-washed facades and red roofs, and national parks. During all travelling and your stay in Prague, a great gem of central Europe, you can dine in traditional fashion, sipping Czech pilsners with their own storied past - brewed since the 14th century - and fine Moravian wines. Many of the charming hotels you will stay in are classified, like much of the Czech Republic itself, as architectural monuments.

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Prague - Vienna HERITAGE TRAILS - many reasons to go


There are so many breathtaking places in Central Europe that you should explore, see, touch and taste! But where to go now, where to go next and what is the best thing to do between Vienna and Prague?

We can offer you a wide range of carefully prepared tours with a variety of activities. You can find your vacation programme perfectly fitting your taste concerning difficulty. Maybe you prefer UNESCO World Heritage Sites; maybe you love national parks. Or are you looking for regional gastronomy, nice wines and excellent beers?

Check all the new and exiting experiences and go through the tours listed below. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Heritage Trails provides quality AUTHOR fully equipped mountain bikes.

We deliver bikes to the starting point of your Heritage Trails cycling tour. The starting point is described in the particular itinerary. The price for bike hire is mentioned in every particular tour.

When making a reservation, please LET US KNOW your preferences, frame size, etc.

Our qualified staff sets every bike to each individual rider and explains all operations. The bicycles can be returned at the end point of the packaged tour and we collect them free of charge to take back to our base. We reserve the right to hire bicycles only as a part of tours ordered with our company.

PRICE: CZK 400 (EUR 15)/day; no extra charges for delivery and/or return.




Heritage Trails brings a selection of different popular activities.


Heritage Trails offers different types of tours. You can sort out the tours chosen by this criterion using the black sorting bar above the tour list.


A tour rating gives the traveller a clear picture about the length and difficulty of the daily programme. Therefore the holidays can be precisely planned fitting the individual condition of the traveller. As there are not so many difficult terrains, especially in the Czech Republic, the traveller need not worry about rapid altitude changes.

Almost all the tours offer more alternatives and versatile itineraries concerning the length of the daily programme. This enables the traveller to decide on the daily programme based on the actual conditions.

The Heritage Trails tours are divided into two main groups:


Heritage Trails are designed to bring the traveller the ultimate travel experience and peaceful, picturesque settings. The style of accommodation of the best available quality is a part of the taste of the captivating region - Central Europe. Every traveller can choose from a cornucopia of different styles of accommodation located in historical city centres and/or countryside:


To truly experience a special place is to savour its distinctive cuisine - staple dishes as well as delicacies. The flavours are as deliciously varied as the regions that produce them.

Chefs of the kitchens offer their exceptional culinary knowledge and different culinary styles are indicated in every particular hotel description as follows:

TRADITIONAL LOCAL - Czech pork with cabbage and dumplings is especially famous; don’t forget the tasty cream sauce called “svickova”. Czech pilsners are fantastic wherever the traveller goes or stays; as are the finest Moravian wines.
INTERNATIONAL - modern, light, sophisticated, tasty.
Here find selected tours with culinary experience.